Saturday, April 9, 2011


Soooooo sorry for lack of posts lately. Been busy preparing for Miss Thang #2 to arrive. As of last week, we were not prepared but now we are. I mean, mentally we were prepared but logistically? Not so much. I didn't even know where we stashed the car seat when we moved here in November! Now everything has been located and we're ready to roll. Her room is still dark blue but I'm going to have to save the painting for after she arrives. Luckily Architectural Digest is not planning a photo shoot here anytime soon.

For those who need a firm date, the official due date is April 25. But of course, who knows when she'll show up. Could be tonight, could be 3 weeks from now.

In other news, Josie G. is doing great! We've been talking about "Baby Sister" for a while and she's seeing (and helping with) all of the preparations. Tomorrow we're moving Josie's "baby bed" into Baby Sister's room and Josie is going to have to start sleeping in her "big girl bed" which is going to be much better. There's just not enough room in the baby bed for Josie, her 12 blankets (still calling them "monkeys"), panda bear, pink bear, birdie, duckie, bear head, and two big stacks of books

The weather has been teasing us - giving us a nice day here and there and then getting cold again. Today was nice enough for Josie to do yard work so she and her assistant got outside, raked, spread mulch and put down seed.

Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for taking the time with the updates. It looks like you have a fun little worker helping you out with the yard work. Have a fantastic day.
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