Saturday, February 28, 2009

Animals in Distress is our March Recipient!

I'm soooo happy to announce our March donation recipient, Animals in Distress, in Coopersburg, PA. Check them out at

Animals in Distress (AID) is a non-profit, tax deductible sanctuary for animals who have little or no hope elsewhere. Its programs are designed to prevent suffering and to save lives. They believe that there is a special home somewhere for every pet if there is enough time to find it. They keep every animal admitted, providing medical care, behavioral rehabilitation, good food, shelter, and, most important of all, love, until a suitable new home can be found.

AID was submitted by John, who volunteers his time performing Reiki on the animals there.

Animals in Distress will receive 5 cents for each new follower I receive during the month of March, PLUS the generous donations from our matching donors PLUS the generous donations from our corporate sponsors to be announced early next week. I am so, oh oh oh excited to tell you who they are!

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted their fave rescues. Please, please, please submit them each month! We'll be drawing for April on March 31st.

XO, Romeo & Pugsley

P.S. I'll be announcing the final amount raised this month for Persian Rescue and Humane Society later this week once we receive our final donations. But it's looking like a good chunk of change. I will also be adding a clause that some of the monies must be spent on Tuna. Just sayin.

Almost Famous

So check ME out. My buddy Oscar the Cat interviewed me on his blog, Cats who Twitter

Am feeling kinda IMPORTANT today.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Office

Am big help in the office. Just ask anyone.

Need some copies? I'll tell the staff.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I can't help it. Tuna Fish is my Crack. I crave it. I love it. When I know it's near I start shaking and drooling and meowing uncontrollably.

I'm not proud of this behavior. It's kinda humiliating but GOOD GOD do I LUV ME MY TUNA FISH.

Today the staff served up some fresh fish with lotsa gravy. Delish.

Here is Pugsley and me on Tuna Watch.

Six seconds later all the Tuna Fish was gone. Boo.

P.S. Don't forget to leave a comment below to tell us your favorite animal rescue organization so we can enter it into the running to be our March donation recipient!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Help us find our next donation recipient

February is quickly coming to a close and we are seeking a new donation recipient for the month of March. There are lots and lots of local rescues and shelters across the U.S. that need help and we want thank them for their pawsome (heh heh heh) work!'s how to have your fave local organization placed in the running.

1. Leave a comment here telling us what organization you believe deserves the donations and why.

2. EXTRA credit! If you have a blog, please blog about this and then post a link in the comments section here.

3. EXTRA credit! If you aren't already, follow @romeothecat on Twitter! And leave a comment telling us you're now following.

We'll randomly select the winning organization on Saturday, February 28.

We hope to do this monthly so put us in your RSS feed so you know what Pugs and I are up to!

Thanks for all of your support for our cause and for animals everywhere.


Romeo and Pugsley

It's a big world out there....who's next?!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A rose by any other name...

Would be as furry and cute. Oh, wait. That didn't sound quite right. How does it go? Oh, never mind. I'll look it up later.

Anyhoo, yesterday I tweeted about the funny names the staff calls me. I received all kinds of hilarious replies from my Twitter friends so I thought I'd ask my bloggy buddies the same things.

Here are our nicknames:

Me = Mr. Fluffypants (new), BOY, White BOY, Rom, Ro, piggy von piggerson (at dinner) furrybutt, poops, schmoopie.

Pugsley = Pug, Pug-ley, Pugman, Puginator, Black BOY, Black, stinky (only apres litterbox).

Okay, now YOUR turn!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Barbarians at the Gate

These are the gates in question that I was able to clear the other day. Am discussing strategy and aerodynamics here with Pugsley so he can learn to do it too.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Media Darling

Today was my TV debut!

Mam and I got up at the crack of dawn to be guests on the morning news at WXII in Winston-Salem. I was not happy about getting up. In fact, I might have been even crankier than Mam about having to get up so early.

But everyone was so, so nice and happy to have us there to promote my donation drive for the Humane Society and the Persian Rescue. If you're not familiar with my project, I am running a Twitter campaign for charity. For every follower I get on Twitter, I am cracking open my mousey bank and donating 5 cents. I already have a couple of people who have agreed to match my donations.

I AM LOOKING FOR MORE PLEDGES TO MATCH MY DONATIONS! It can be any dollar amount or limit. Please help if you can. Email me at goodboyromeo at gmail dot com.

Here is me in the "green room" at the station as well as a screen shot of the video.

I kinda like being a media sensation!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home Invasion.

Strange bug thing has appeared out of no where in living room. I've batted, sniffed, followed, jumped away from it, jumped back up, crouched and stalked it for a moment and batted at it again. Have concluded no threat. Am just confused re: what in TARnation kind of animal it thinks it is.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Creature

So, a few months ago the staff brought home a strange, furless, presumably hypoallergenic new creature.

Luckily Pugsley and I had the good sense not to hiss at her or jeopardize her happiness and well-being in any way 'cause my parents seem to really like her and it appears that she's here to stay.

She's not that bad but MAN is she loud.

Anyway, here is a picture of me tolerating the creature even though you can see she has a fistful of my fur.

And for the record, I was in the Pack 'n Play first. I'm just sayin'.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dude, c'mon

You've been sleeping in my spot all afternoon. Get up!

Lazy Sunday

I was up really, really late working on my blog. Am soooooo very tie-tie today.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I think it's fitting that I launch this blog on Valentine's Day. Not just because of my name (DUH) or the fact that I have a heart-shaped marking on my side, but because I bring SO much love to my family. I want other animals to have the same thing.

So my brother Pugsley and I are on a mission to raise money for animal welfare organizations.

Even though I had a tough time of it until I found my current home, I am still the most loving boy evah!

I am very, very happy and in my house, Pug and I pretty much run the show.

My parents adopted me on December 1, 2005. But months earlier, when I came to the rescue via a shelter in Kentucky, I was completely deaf in both ears! Thanks to the wonderful vets who donate time to The Forgotten Persian Rescue & Friends, I had 8 surgeries on my ears to correct the problem. I now have one ear that is folded down permanently but I think it gives me character. And it was worth it because now I can hear just fine!

I live here with Pugsley, (in the photo below). He also came from The Forgotten Persian Rescue & Friends via a shelter in Indianapolis.

Even though I hissed at Pugsley the first day he came to live with us a couple of years ago, now I love him! In fact, I might love him a little more than he loves me. Oh well.

We are v. happy with our parents and love to eat, sleep and run through the house as a unit. My parents call us "Team Persian."

We want other animals to find homes like Pugman and I have so I hope you will join our cause!