Monday, February 23, 2009

Help us find our next donation recipient

February is quickly coming to a close and we are seeking a new donation recipient for the month of March. There are lots and lots of local rescues and shelters across the U.S. that need help and we want thank them for their pawsome (heh heh heh) work!'s how to have your fave local organization placed in the running.

1. Leave a comment here telling us what organization you believe deserves the donations and why.

2. EXTRA credit! If you have a blog, please blog about this and then post a link in the comments section here.

3. EXTRA credit! If you aren't already, follow @romeothecat on Twitter! And leave a comment telling us you're now following.

We'll randomly select the winning organization on Saturday, February 28.

We hope to do this monthly so put us in your RSS feed so you know what Pugs and I are up to!

Thanks for all of your support for our cause and for animals everywhere.


Romeo and Pugsley

It's a big world out there....who's next?!


  1. I just love the picture of you in the car. Mom won't let me out of my carrier when we travel.

    That is a great cause that your mom is supporting.

  2. HI! Make sure to tell me your favorite so we can include! xo.

  3. hai Romeo! I want to give a meow-out to my rescue group, Island Cat Resources and Adoption. ( They rescued me and my siblings when we were babiez and gave us a great start in life! <3<3<3

    Also, my Momma dedicated part of her Simon Sunday post to your fundraising efforts! ( When she comes home I'll nudge her to update the post to include your donation drawing.


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  5. Our mom is following you on twitter! (she is lynnsdecor) she works one day a week at the local cat shelter: Hobo Hotel, Lake Charles, LA
    She is worried because they dont own the building the cats are in, so if the owner ever changes his mind, kitties are up the creek! No sign of that happening, but it still worries her.
    Thanks! Buddy and Lizzy
    Whoops, I posted it wrong and had to delete and do over...sorry. Tough to type with paws!

  6. Romeo, this is such a wonderful and kind thing to do!!!

  7. Romeo is a total lion - look at that tail! Remember your roots in C-bus - I vote for Capital Area Humane Society!

    Love your site and hope to see you soon!!!
    Lisa Riemenschneider

  8. how kind of you! :)

    i vote for united rescues of kentucky:

    i'm also kittyanydots on twitter & RT'ed this :)

    thanks bunches!

  9. My vote is for Animal Friends of Pittsburgh, — they went no-kill last year, which means they need the support even more.

  10. My vote is for Caboodle Ranch! They is runnin' out of green papers and Craig never turns away a kitty in need, NEVER. That to me is amazing. And him makes sure the kitties has their food before thinkin' about hisself. Truly a great man.

  11. As a Kansas City native I have to give pawsitive props to the Wayside Waifs humane society. With the economy in the state that it is, families are losing their homes and in turn are forced to hand over family pets. Wayside takes in these now homeless furry friends. The volunteers at that shelter truly care for every animal that comes through their doors. They even helped me with a poor little kitteh I found on the side of the road. She has a wonderful home now with a great big brother and never has to worry about being homeless ever again.

  12. I vote for: Tupelo-Lee Humane Society

    This is my local shelter. I support them by helping with web stuff and taking animal photos to go on their website and petfinder pages. I think it would be great for this small North MS shelter to get a donation. They support the city of Tupelo,MS , Lee County and also have helped surrounding counties in puppy mill rescues. They are located in a small older building that used to be a vets office, right now they have a building fund going so that eventually they can get a new building built. Thank you for your consideration Romeo, and it would be so wonderful to have your donation help us get a better shelter for all the homeless animals in our area. :)

  13. Hi Romeo and Pugsley, my vote goes out to Clearfield County SPCA in Pennsylvania This is where we adopted our youngest kitty, Alice. They take good care of the animals that they have in their care for as long as they can with the resources that they have. I have been following Romeo on Twitter for a couple of weeks now and just love his antics!

  14. Hi!
    I follow you on twitter and also posted about your contest for shelters on my blog:

    I work/volunteer at our local animal shelter in Hoptacong NJ. As I'm sure you know, money is tight in a lot of town budgets, and we are usually at the end of the stack.

    We do have a website that links to

    Right now we have about 30-40 cats looking for a home, and a blind female Pit Bull. She is really sweet though.

    Thanks for everything you do to raise awareness of shelter animals!!!

  15. I would like to submit Italian Greyhound Rescue Northwest, which is the amazing organization where I adopted my beautiful girl, Ava. They are so organized and run by a dedicated group of volunteers, especially the Seattle rep and area coordinator, Alice, who works tirelessly 365 days a year to help as many dogs as possible. They don't have a physical shelter, so all dogs are cared for in foster homes until their perfect forever family can be found. Hope they win!

  16. What a wonderful thing to do!

    I vote for Cat Man 2 who has a cat shelter in North Carolina.


  17. Dat luverly fotoh uvs u!! mawmee wants ta hugs u (she duz dat)...

    Weze sends u stuffoms bout a shelter we knohs called Country Cats in Andover Kansas. Dey iz a small noh kill shelter and needs helps ta stay dat way n haves morh room fur rescue babies.

    Country Cats takes in cats and kittens. These are "excess" animals, the results of unplanned breeding, that have no homes. Our shelter becomes their home--the place where their nutritional, medical, and emotional needs are met--and they stay with us until they are adopted. No cats or kittens in our care are euthanized unless they have a terminal disease.

  18. I follow you on twitter! I would like to nominate A Place to Bark - a 501c3 rescue run solely by Bernie Berlin.

    Last year alone, Bernie saved over 500 cats and Dogs from death at animal control and she just took part in an ASPCA puppy mill raid.

    Bernie and I have been close friends for 5 years and during that time I have learned so much about the horrors and sadness that can happen to these wonderful little creatures. I have spent days in sadness after hearing what she has gone through and the needless killing of these innocent animals. I can not do what Bernie does. I do not have the emotional strength. I can't even hear most of her stories because it sends me into fits of crying. She is strong and she is brave -- she fights for the animals who can not fight for themselves. I want to help her because she does what I only wish I could do.

    thank you for considering A Place To Bark for your March donation.

  19. Hi, I'm working with Bev Furrow in Welch, West Virginia, as she tries to rescue abandoned pets ( 14 of them) at the trailer up the road from her,in Sawmill Hollow. you can read all about what we are doing on our blog just one woman trying to make her little place in the world a little better. I met Bev on a church mission trip, she works 3 jobs to maintain her independent life, she has 10 dogs she rescued several years ago from a shelter that closed. She is now trying to spay and neuter the pets abandoned up the road from her, she wants to save them from the "Dog Warden" who would poison them with carbon moxide at the land fill. Bev is trying to buy the "lease" to this abandoned property and fence in the animals to keep them safe. But first, we are trying to raise the money to spay and neuter the pets. We have "fixed" 5 already, and have $350 in our chip in account which should cover maybe 7 or so more. We're not a 501 (c) (3), maybe some day we will be, right now....just spaying and neutering the sawmill strays.

    thanks for your consideration....oh...and I follow romeo on twitter......

  20. Hi Romeo! It's the Brew from Twitter! (@BrewskieButt) My favorite rescue group is Woozez Animal Rescue in Canton, OH. They do good work to find cats homes and work with other rescue groups in the area.

    My person will blog about you on The Buzz from BZTAT! at

    Keep up the good work pal!

    The Brew

  21. First of all, I'm so grateful to Twitter, which is where I found you. I have been involved with Persian and Himalayan cat rescue ( for over 12 years. And I have adopted and fostered several special needs cats throughout the years.

    Persian cats, as you may know, are currently the most abandoned single breed of pet, period. Persian Cat rescue takes in over 40 abondoned cats each month from 6 local county animal shelters. And those are the ones that aren't adopted... the shelters call right before they get put down.

    My second choice would be the Feral Cat coalition, only because they are helping those that otherwise would be lost and they are helping with a long term solution.

    All homeless, abused and ferel animals need help, to pick just one is very difficult and I do support others in my area (Feral Cat Coalition, Dove Lewis, C.A.T. (Cat Adoption Team), and some that are national SPCA.

    No matter what organization you choose, its all good work.. and thank you for continuing to put the word out, and most of all, thanks for being the sacred little beings you are and sharing your mojo on the interwebs.

  22. ps... yes I'm now following you, and I'm currently posting a blog post about you.... thanks for being you.

  23. Romeo, I forgot to mention in my comment before that I am @SimonKitteh on the Twitterz...and we meow back and forth all the time!

    Just makin sure I clear up any confusion. =^.^=

    ~~Simon S Kitteh

  24. Hi Romeo!

    I just started following you on twitter - you are highly recommended by BrewskieButt. Okay - so we're Doberman people here, and Dobes aren't always nice to cats, but I've yet to see a cat lose a fight with a Dobe. LOL. I'd like to pump my favorite Doberman Rescue, as I've adopted several wonderful dogs from them. The Rescue is North Coast Doberman Rescue ( and they have some truly awesome volunteers.

    I have a blog and will post an article about your efforts next!
    Kelli Swan (

  25. I started following you on twitter! I got my cuddly, loving pooch from They are a non-profit, no-kill dog rescue and placement program. They are an independent organization and depend solely on adoption fees, fundraisers, and donations to operate. They receive no govt support.

    Without Homeward Bound I would not have my little shih-poo Sophie Jean. She is the most cuddly, unique dog I've known. We like to call her our real-life stuffed animal!

    Carrie Mogged
    Independent Wine Consultant - MN
    Twitter ID: UncommonWine

  26. Austin Pets Alive! is a GREAT organization in (you guessed it) Austin, TX that rescues and adopts out dogs and cats from the euthanasia list at the local kill shelter. They also take in animals from families that can't afford to care for them anymore. The best part is they work with Emancipet, a local low-cost vet, to make sure all animals are spayed/neutered and fixed of any ailments!

    APA! is almost 100% volunteer run. It relies on a great network of dedicated volunteers and donations from the community to save as many of the 17,000+ animals euthanized annually at Austin shelters as possible.

    Please go to to learn more!!!

  27. Hi, Romeo,

    I nominate Animals in Distress in Coopersburg, PA. Their web site is:

    They are a no-kill shelter soon to be celebrating their 32nd year of being a leader in the no-kill shelter movement. They are entirely community supported, no government funds whatsoever, and they do amazing work.

    I am following you on Twitter and will post about you on my blog.


  28. I nominate Project Purr in Santa Cruz County, CA. Wonderful people doing tough work. I volunteer at their rummage sale fundraisers. They always need donations and volunteers!

  29. I nominate Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, California, a private all-volunteer non-profit cat/dog rescue. Kitten Rescue was founded in 1997 and has grown every year since. In addition to hundreds of volunteer foster homes, Kitten Rescue owns and maintains a no-kill animal sanctuary that houses approximately 150 cats at any given time.

    I'm also now following you on Twitter!

  30. Hi Romeo,
    You are Soooo cute! You're doing a great job on Twitter, raising money to help other kitties that need to be rescued. I have foster kitties in my home that are waiting to find their furr-ever homes.They come here because there's no room at the shelter for them, but I think they like this better, anyway! My job is to feed & spoil them. My favorite animal organization is the Fairhope Cat Coalition, which I volunteer for. We love to help as many kitties as we can & spay/neuter all of them to make their life better. It's sad that there are always more kitties that need help than there is space, volunteers or money, but we don't give up. So, I am nominating the Fairhope Cat Coalition to receive any money you want to give away! Big Hugs, Romeo...Mary

  31. Hi, Romeo,

    As promised, I've posted to my blog about your campaign. You can read the post here:

    Purrs and head bumps,