Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Media Darling

Today was my TV debut!

Mam and I got up at the crack of dawn to be guests on the morning news at WXII in Winston-Salem. I was not happy about getting up. In fact, I might have been even crankier than Mam about having to get up so early.

But everyone was so, so nice and happy to have us there to promote my donation drive for the Humane Society and the Persian Rescue. If you're not familiar with my project, I am running a Twitter campaign for charity. For every follower I get on Twitter, I am cracking open my mousey bank and donating 5 cents. I already have a couple of people who have agreed to match my donations.

I AM LOOKING FOR MORE PLEDGES TO MATCH MY DONATIONS! It can be any dollar amount or limit. Please help if you can. Email me at goodboyromeo at gmail dot com.

Here is me in the "green room" at the station as well as a screen shot of the video.

I kinda like being a media sensation!


  1. Hehe being a star must be fun but you look a little bit mad in that last picture. Didn't they stock your dressing room with tuna juice and Temptations?

  2. Will you be showing the video of your performance? What an honor! And you're such an awesomely cool cat.

  3. Wow! That's great! Hopefully, you will be able to share a video with us.

  4. Romeo, congrats on your big TV appearance! You're a star!

    You should probably work on your "camera face" a little though... like all celebrities, sometimes you just have to smile for the camera. :)

    Can you put up a link to your video in the screenshots up there?

  5. Romeo, you look mah-valous on TV! Did you know that they've posted your video on WXII's web site? Here's a link:

    You are certainly a media darling!! Congratulations on your new stardom!

  6. Thanks for posting the link! It was really cute to watch him on TV. :)