Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I think it's fitting that I launch this blog on Valentine's Day. Not just because of my name (DUH) or the fact that I have a heart-shaped marking on my side, but because I bring SO much love to my family. I want other animals to have the same thing.

So my brother Pugsley and I are on a mission to raise money for animal welfare organizations.

Even though I had a tough time of it until I found my current home, I am still the most loving boy evah!

I am very, very happy and in my house, Pug and I pretty much run the show.

My parents adopted me on December 1, 2005. But months earlier, when I came to the rescue via a shelter in Kentucky, I was completely deaf in both ears! Thanks to the wonderful vets who donate time to The Forgotten Persian Rescue & Friends, I had 8 surgeries on my ears to correct the problem. I now have one ear that is folded down permanently but I think it gives me character. And it was worth it because now I can hear just fine!

I live here with Pugsley, (in the photo below). He also came from The Forgotten Persian Rescue & Friends via a shelter in Indianapolis.

Even though I hissed at Pugsley the first day he came to live with us a couple of years ago, now I love him! In fact, I might love him a little more than he loves me. Oh well.

We are v. happy with our parents and love to eat, sleep and run through the house as a unit. My parents call us "Team Persian."

We want other animals to find homes like Pugman and I have so I hope you will join our cause!



  1. Dear Romeo,

    I like cats but I am allergic to them. I used to have a cat but after she died I started sneezing when around other cats. When I was really young I had a really lazy cat named Prometheus that my Mom got when she was in college. He was really old when he died. I hope that my allergies will wear off. You are a very cute cat.

    Katie Edwards
    Columbus, OH

  2. Hooray Romeo!! Welcome to the Blogosphere!

  3. Oh man, lion shave. Poor fellow. Welcome to Cat Blogosphere!

  4. Hi Romeo! We just heard about you on the Cat Blogosphere and wanted to drop in and welcome you. You sure didn't have a great kittenhood, but it's obvious now you're well-loved and properly spoiled, as a cat should be!

  5. Romeo,

    I saw you on WXII this morning. You are so cute. Your personalilty is so funny. Keep up the good work on your blog.