Saturday, February 28, 2009

Animals in Distress is our March Recipient!

I'm soooo happy to announce our March donation recipient, Animals in Distress, in Coopersburg, PA. Check them out at

Animals in Distress (AID) is a non-profit, tax deductible sanctuary for animals who have little or no hope elsewhere. Its programs are designed to prevent suffering and to save lives. They believe that there is a special home somewhere for every pet if there is enough time to find it. They keep every animal admitted, providing medical care, behavioral rehabilitation, good food, shelter, and, most important of all, love, until a suitable new home can be found.

AID was submitted by John, who volunteers his time performing Reiki on the animals there.

Animals in Distress will receive 5 cents for each new follower I receive during the month of March, PLUS the generous donations from our matching donors PLUS the generous donations from our corporate sponsors to be announced early next week. I am so, oh oh oh excited to tell you who they are!

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted their fave rescues. Please, please, please submit them each month! We'll be drawing for April on March 31st.

XO, Romeo & Pugsley

P.S. I'll be announcing the final amount raised this month for Persian Rescue and Humane Society later this week once we receive our final donations. But it's looking like a good chunk of change. I will also be adding a clause that some of the monies must be spent on Tuna. Just sayin.


  1. Yep, don't forget that tuna!

    What an interesting way to earn money for worthy animal charities. Good job.

  2. Animals In Distress is about a mile down the road from where I live . I like the organization but they can never help me out when I find a cat that needs rescuing. They always tell me to take it to the regular shelter where I know they will be put to sleep. I know that can't help every kitty but they always tell me the same thing. And yes I do donate to them with money and food when I can spare it.

  3. You are doing such wonderful work by raising money for rescues!

  4. Romeo, you are doing great things! Keep up the excellent work!

  5. This is great. Romeo, you are a very, very good kitty. :)