Monday, March 2, 2009

This I don't understand

I just tweeted about this but I must bring it up again because it just amazes me.

Did you know that Pugsley has to be carried to dinner every night? First, the staff has to go find him and then they CARRY him to his meals! This is just craziness to me. How can he be so blase about dinnertime?!

Me? I am always the one getting the staff up in the morning for breakfast and always the one reminding them it's time to eat dinner. Jeesh. If it weren't for me NO one would eat around here.

That is all I have to say about that.




  1. We totally know what you mean, Romeo! Cal also gets carried to his meals in his very own room! So. not. fair.

  2. Romeo, You are the BEST! What would they all do without you?

    Course, we don't have any problem around here. We all raise the alarm for food, whether we need to or not!

  3. Sometimes, I won't eat unless mom puts the stinky goodness on her finger and I eat from her fingers!

  4. If he isn't there in time, you should get his food.. It is only fair! Survival of the fittest. Or hungriest.

  5. Romeo--you are just the most handsomest kitty on the web! I wonder if the staff really appreciate how incredibly photogenic you are? They've taken a number of photos of you--are you getting any residuals? I think you need to make clear with the staff that it's time they cut you in on the earnings--they could give you your share in tuna!
    Just sayin'.