Thursday, March 5, 2009


It’s been a banner week for our efforts, which means a banner week for rescues!

Yesterday we were featured on the Humane Society’s Web site. WOO and HOO!

And…if that wasn’t enough to rouse Pugs out of his afternoon nap, we also were featured on the New York Times Web site! (Pugs did get up eventually and celebrate with me).

Thanks to the Humane Society and Mr. Pogue for helping our cause.

It’s really exciting to be getting this kind of attention for our project. Just think of all the animals out there that we can help. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Oh, wait. I’m that way all the time. Erm…....well, you get the drift.

I’ve been working v. v. hard this week so I’m just going to curl up with Pug here and get some shuteye. G'night!


Romeo & Pugsley


  1. Dear Feline,

    Did you know that you are all over the first page of Google results for "romeo the cat"?
    Dude, you are famous. The squirrels are telling me about you, word has spread so far.

    Take some extra naps this weekend--you deserve it,


  2. Concatulations on your success! You deserve lots and lots of naps and treats!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Bailey says I should tell you that she is very happy for your fame and success. Also, she has decided to make Romeo an "honorary Bichon" because "Fluff" is a term that those of the Bichon-persuasion commonly use when referring to a Bichon.

  4. And thank you for coming to Bailey's Birthday party!!

  5. Romeo, you are a rockstar. Does the staff give you fancy Tuna now that you're such a big shot?