Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where there's a will, there's a way.

So, right. The baby gates are back up on the stairs. I heard something about the staff manager having bad allergies and me not being allowed to sleep on her head anymore. Am not sure what that means, exactly.

All I know is that another barrier to the big comfy bed and good squirrel watching vantage points appeared on the stairs, this time much taller than the one before. Even I am not gutsy enough to jump this one.

However, after a couple of days of consideration, I found the structure's weakness.

Apparently it was all caught on film by a hidden camera.

Considering the task before me.

Grooming, acting cool so they don't know what am up to.

Haha! Bingo!

Am home free!
Wonderbed, here I come!

The moral: when one is highly motivated and has lots of strategic thinking time, anything is possible!


  1. Ha! Great job outsmarting the staff, Romeo!!

    Also, great job on surpassing your goal with the furpower $1 donation challenge!

  2. Well done, Romeo! Further proof that one should never underestimate the power, patience and perseverance of a cat!

  3. Bravo! I am proud of your determination! You can't keep a cat away from a good bed or great vantage point.