Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Announcing our Sponsors!

I am so excited to introduce two wonderful, fabulous, MEOWvelous companies who have agreed to sponsor my efforts! These two companies really, really love animals and make terrific products to make us furry guys happier and healthier. Pugsley and I use both of these products and will be giving more in-depth reviews soon.

In the meantime, let’s give our best meows, woofs, chirps, neighs, squeaks and whatever sound you want to make to thank these guys for helping more fluffy friends find homes like we have.

Nature’s Earth Products, the makers of Feline Pine cat litter, the best-selling all natural cat litter.

When Ken Simard, president and founder of Feline Pine, started the company in 1992, he never dreamed that it would grow to become the best-selling brand of natural cat litter in America. But he knew he had found a healthy solution for cats and cat litter when, inspired by a friend in the lumber industry, he tested various substrates and found Southern Yellow Pine to be the best at absorbing moisture and neutralizing odors. And he'd be helping the environment too, as this cat litter is made from kiln-dried shavings reclaimed from lumber production. Feline Pine has a couple of types of litter available as well as some terrific accessories. Visit their Web site at www.naturesproducts.com.

FURminator, Inc., makers of the FURminator deShedding products.

FURminator Inc. enhances relationships between pet owners and their pets with effective and easy-to-use pet grooming products. The company was founded in 2002 by professional groomer,
Angie Porter, and her husband, David. They set out to develop a deshedding tool that would not cut the pet's coat. After numerous designs, they succeeded! Learn more at www.furminator.com.

Thank you both for your generous support of our efforts! You will make a lot of animals very happy.

Romeo & Pugsley


  1. Ah, there you are. Blogger must be related to our computer. Memory loss or ....? Glad they "returned" your blog.

    Congratulations on getting such sponsors. Great work.

  2. That's wonderful news! Mom keeps thinking about getting a furminator for me, but doesn't want me to lose all of my beautiful floof. She says she must do more research!

  3. Hi Romeo and Pugsley !
    Nice to purr with u!
    I'm your new follower now!
    Later i'll link u in my blog :)


  4. Great sponsors partnering with a great cause. Keep up the good work!