Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dude, c'mon

You've been sleeping in my spot all afternoon. Get up!


  1. Oh, my, you and your brother are so cute. And Valentine's Day was certainly a good choice to launch your new blog. We wish you good luck in raising money to help the shelter and the rescue.

  2. Hi Romeo it's nice to meet yoo. Our dad does dat is easier, Speedy asks fur da comfy chair and mom gets up and moves.

  3. Hello Romeo, nice to meet you. I will join your twitter cause, it's just great! Humans do that always, they say because of the that true?

  4. Doesn't look he's gonna be moving in a hurry.

    Welcome to the blogging world, Romeo!

  5. Hi Romeo! Maybe if you jump up and down on him! He'll get up!! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere!
    Your FL furiends,

  6. Hiya Romeo!

    It's furry nice to meet you! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere, we can't wait to read more of your adventures.

    We hate it when our 'beins are in our favorite sleeping spots - usually we try a nice foot to the bladder :-)

    Pearl, Bert and Jake

  7. Maybe you oughta try this Romeo ;)

    Welcome to the cat blogosphere - it's a great place!

  8. Romeo, are my eyes fooling me, or are you wearing chaps?

  9. Hey Romeo,
    Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! There are lots of nice furcats here. Stop by and visit some time.

  10. Hello there! You're very cute!
    Purrs & Nosetaps,
    3 country cats

  11. Hi, Romeo,
    You and your brother sure are cute. We love that heart on your side!
    MamaCat & the FurryPurries
    Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola, Dandelo & baby Honey

  12. Hi Romeo, I hear the fellas have a soft spot in the middle, that if you jump on may cause them to wake up.

    Nice to meet you.

    Poppy Q