Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our National Pet Week “Pets – The Spice of Life” Contest!

The Auxiliary to the American Veterinary Medical Association is celebrating "Pets—The Spice of Life" during National Pet Week 2009, May 3-9th.

To join in the fun, we’re holding a contest in conjunction with Iams to celebrate the wonderful, funny things we pets do!

TWO winners will receive a fab-u gift basket from Iams. See below for specifics.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment here sharing your pet’s funniest, most endearing habit.


If you prefer, send a tweet to @romeothecat sharing your pet’s funniest, most endearing habit.

2. It's not necessary to enter but for EXTRA chances to win, visit http://www.firstgiving.com/romeothecatbcc and donate $1 (or more!) to our FURPOWER Donation Challenge May recipient, Beaufort Community Cat Project. For each $1 you donate you get an extra opportunity to win.

3. Check back here on Monday, May 11 at 3 p.m. EST to see if you won!

That’s all! It’s easy.

Entries will be accepted until 11:59 a.m. EST on Monday May 11, 2009. We’ll draw one winner from our blog entries and one winner from our Twitter entries.

Here are the fantastic prizes Iams has generously donated (Only U.S. and Canada winners eligible for prizes, sorry.)

DOGS – 8 pound bag of Iams Dog Food, a Canine Cushion Orthopedic Fabric and Fleece Dog Bed, a Twin Pack of Flavored Tennis Balls, a ToyShoppe Plush Floppy Legged Friends for Dogs, an Animal Planet Tree Frog Flyer Dog Toy and a ToyShoppe® PetSmart Loofa Dog Toy.

CATS – 3.5 pound bag of Iams Cat Food, a Whisker City Fleece Kitty Den, a Whisker City Safety Stretch Cat Collar (Available in multiple colors), a Groomax Brush & Slicker Combo for Cats, ToyShoppe Teaser Wands, Petlinks System 3 Blind Mice Cat Toys and an Animal Planet Plush Jellyfish Cat Dangler.

Whew, dat’s some LOOT! Thanks, Iams!

Good luck everyone! Can't wait to read all the entries.


  1. Wow! That's some prize! And it's all for a great cause.

  2. Thats is a brilliant prize and to benefit a good cause too. Wow.

    Hugs GJ x

  3. We're promoting this on our blog today!!!

  4. We wanna enter the contest!

    My most cutest, most enduring habit...mom sez it's the way I make air biscuits. Mom will pick me up and hug me close to her body and let my feet dangle down. I make air biscuits while purring really loud the entire time! Mom sez I am the best biscuit maker in the whole world!


  5. we went an' made a donation fur the furbabies, an' we wanna tell you about edmund percival. he likes to run full tilt at door frames an' take a flyin' leap up as high as he can, then grip the wood wif all four paws an' slide down to the floor--no claws involved. we dunno why he does it, but he obviouly loves it, acause he'll do it ofur an' ofur again, flyin' around the house like his tail was on fire between leaps!! he's so silly!

  6. My big guy Elton has a cute lil trick. When I've been gone all day, he misses me and wants my attention. So what he does is he sits at my feet, makes a tiny meow, then leaps up into my arms for me to catch him. If I've got my arms full when he jumps, he slides back down because he doesn't have front claws(my sister did it, not me!) A few times he's jumped on my back and scared the daylights out of me. But it's always cute, because when I catch him, he licks my nose.

  7. My sweet baby Bukowkski Jr. used to play fetch with me! He had a dirty little green soccer ball that he'd bring over for me to throw and would bring it back every time. If I was busy, he would crawl up on the couch behind me and gently drop it onto my computer keyboard so I couldn't work 'til we played! If I still wouldn't play, he'd take his ball to the top of the recliner and bat it across the room so that he could launch himself off the chair and fetch it himself. It was so cute that I would stop and play with him no matter how busy I was!

  8. My crazy cats (Kit, Meeka, and Rufus) All love to play in the tub and "catch" ponytail elastics and rubber bouncy balls. They will turn circles in the tub for these items.

    Meeka - every morning sits patiently while I prepare my lunch (usually a salad with ham) and will wait until I make a special "salad" plate for her. That is her breakfast.

  9. Have you ever seen the Matrix? Well Mommy says the we put them to shame. Mommy even thinks Scylla should have been named Trinity. We(Charybdis & Scylla) climb the walls, do amazing jumps, and almost walk on ceilings when we are chasing this strange red dot that invades our home sometimes. ~Scylla & Charybdis (cats)

  10. Hi, I'm Zoey from Zoolatry. Don't think I can really compete with any of the funny (mostly odd and strange, truth be told) habits above...
    my human thinks the fact that I talk in my sleep (YES, I DO) is a funny funny thing.

  11. Hi, Romeo, We just finished posting the graphic Zoolatry made for your contest.

    Are you wanting us to give a most endearing habit of our pet Jan? Or are you wanting her to give one about us? Oh, okay.

    Jan says Cotton's most endearing habit is to stand on the washing machine and rub her head against Jan's arm while she washes dishes in the sink. Sometimes Cotton leans on her arm and Jan has to be careful when she moves or Cotton could fall in the dishwater.

  12. Hi, I'm Maggy from Zoolatry. I cannot enter this contest -- but I hope squillions and squillions of people do, so you get squillions of green papers. Why can't I enter? Cause the truth is, I am so totally purrfect, there is nothing funny about me. Sorry...

  13. Hi, Romeo, We just finished posting the graphic Zoolatry made for your contest on our blog. What a great thing you are doing!

    Let's see...which Taylor Cat has the most endearing habit....

    Whenever Mommy sits or lies down, Spats always comes over and waits for Mommy to make kissing noises, then Spats jumps on Mommy's chest and purrs! Adorable!

  14. Hi guys, I wanted to let you know that I posted a link to the contest over on my blog.

    I guess the funniest pet habit my cats have is Floyd's wool sucking issue - although he mostly uses items made of cotton I think. Because he was weened too early he sucks on fabric, and he has a "sweater" (it is in quotes because it used to be an actual sweater but that is lost somewhere so now it is a knit hat) that he carries around the house to suck on - picture Linus (from the Peanuts comics) but as a big black cat with a white "sweater" security blanket.

  15. My cat, Coal, knows that I'm leaving him for the day when my alarm goes off. Therefore, when the alarm rings, he snuggles closer to me and purrs in my ear so I'll stay in bed and go back to sleep. It usually works!

    His baby picture is located here:

  16. We donated to help BCCP, but I'm having trouble narrowing it down to one endearing habit for three cats! I'll just pick one at random. One of the funniest things that Tasha does is sleep under several layers of blankets. We have thought she was lost in the house a few times but she was just burrowed very deeply. When she's almost ready to come out, she sends out a paw or two as a signal.

  17. Hiya,
    I iz Miss Bootsie Woo. When I iz furry calm and happy, I rolls around on the floor or da bed or on a box or whatsome ever and show my littel bitsy boo tummy!

    Da ovver fing I likes ta do is play wif plastik spoonz. I carries dem in my mouf and push dem under fings. Den I reach under dehr and gets dem out!

    Lil Miss Bootsie Woo

  18. Waaaaw its for a great cause:)
    And a very nice prize too!!

  19. Mom said my most endearing habit is fetching my rope toy and dropping it at her feet when I want to play. I then look up at her wiv big pleading eyes and pat my rope wiv my paw until Mom throws it for me to retrieve.

    Alfie Marshall xx

    Dad said my most endearing habit is I chirrup. I talk to him when I want something and he hasta work out what I'm saying. Sometimes I help him a bit - for example: I might chirrup and lead him to the door, then he knows I want to go outside. Or I chirrup when he's eating his dinner - and he knows he hasta give me some.

    Milo Marshall xx

  20. We can't enter the contest as we are living across the pond but mom wanted to share the story of Siena's funny meow: Siena rarely does a real "meow", it sounds more like a "mah, mah, mah". This is why our neighbour says she's more of a sheep that a cat. Well, he should just reach down and her claws will tell him otherwise. ; )
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

    P.S.: We think the BCCP is a great project and we hope there'll be loads on donations. Great job, Romeo!

  21. Hi Romeo:

    My cat's endearing and weird habit is rolling around in and obsessively smelling used socks and shoes. She really has a smelly foot fetish.

    I donated to BCCP, too!


  22. My Bob has a rather odd habit. He has a "nest" of items. It is in a secret location in my house I can not divulge. But in his nest, he has clean footie socks with pompoms on the back as well as tools (such as my screwdriver) and spoons. Any time I have a dinner party, I have to go looking for my spoons.

    Romeo, you should know my Aria (Bob's sister) also must suffer the indignity of being shorn every 5 months as she is very very furry.

    I donated to your Furpower campaign this month.

    Gari Jo/@garijo1974

  23. My funniest habit (Hoover, basset hound, age 4:

    Is I wait several hours until my staff is fast asleep , then I mysteriously sneak into their bed. They NEVER wake up when I do this. Every morning I am there wedged between them with my head as close to a pillow as possible.

    (Mom blames dad for this, for snuggling me so much when I was a pup, but really I just prefer their bed to mine.)

  24. My mom said I have to admit to my most endearning habit...I make a funny sound that is unique. In addition to my singing abilities, I make a sound that my mom calls a "gurp". It's a combination of a grrr, and purrr and a chirp.

  25. Hi, mum put your button on our blog and we will go and donate.

    My habit has been going on since mum got me. I have to lick plastic. Anything plastic. When mum comes in from shopping I rush to her, not to see what she has for me but to lick the plastic bags the shopping comes in. I will spend an age just licking. Mum cant find a reason why, for some reason I just do it. When I go to the cattery they cant believe that I lick the bags they bring the litter in. Just weird I suppose, but as mum says, just me.

    Love Ginger Jasper xx

  26. My Dante's most endearing habit, is to stand up on his hind legs, when I am lying down on the couch, and touch his lips to mine. Sometimes I have fallen asleep, and I will wake up to this lovely kitty smooch.
    Dante is a real Don Juan and will attempt to kiss anyone, even someone he has just met. He's just a kissing fool!

  27. We had to donate directly through the BCCP website because Mommy's credit card was taken hostage by her sister (she's been using it too much while she was off!) and the BCCP website accepts PayPal :).

    Delilah's most endearing habit is definitely her 'High Five'. When she wants to jump up on your shoulder, she'll put one leg on your knee and give you a high five with the other (she also lets out an adorable little squeak to warn you she's about to jump on you). If you don't give her a high five back, she will walk away and try again later.

  28. Mini loves to lay on her back on my lap, then every time I rub her tummy she grabs me with her claws. But if I feed her a veggie she'll let me rub her tummy.

  29. My Staff thinks my most endearing habit concerns my infatuation with Apples. I will not allow an Apple to sit on my Karen's desk for any length of time. I pick it up by the stem and drop it into the wastebasket next to her desk.

    Karen keeps these Apples in her desk drawer. If she happens to leave the drawer open, I pull the Apple out and drop it into the wastebasket.

    Sometimes, when I'm feeling tired, I just swat the Apple instead.


  30. Mom Paula speaking: Sweet Praline has done this since she was a kitten. I just love to touch her cute little nose and when I began doing that she would like my finger and then rub her nose and face up and down my finger to wash her face. This is a nightly routine now. I put my fingers out, she licks them, and then proceeds to wash her face with my fingers.

  31. Our cat Dante's favorite habit is putting the bitey on anyone and everyone!!

  32. My cat Prophessor Plum will let our dog tackle him and he will just sit there and look at me with a look in his eyes that seems to say "OH GOD, GET THIS MANIAC OFF ME." After a while when I don't he will start to swat the dog, which will make him bark and bark it's so cute.

  33. Whenever my human Mom is sick with the serious chest colds she gets that don't let her sleep (or me, for that matter, since she shakes the bed with the coughing), I climb on her, put my paws on her chest, close my eyes and purr with all my might so her cold will leave. She usually falls asleep afterwards. Healing by imposition of the paws, what? ;)

  34. My kitten Wilf watches the TV show "Supernatural" with me, and seems to favor the character Sam Winchester over the character Dean. He actually left the couch/room when he realized Sam wasn't really on the third episode of this season, and the next week wouldn't sit down until he was sure Sam was all over the place. He's not missed an episode since.

  35. My sister Pandora likes to jump from the floor into my mum's arms when she gets home from work. Then she'll purr and wrap her arms around my mum's neck, and rub against her glasses. Sometimes she gives mum kisses too. :) That's definitely the cutest thing ever.


  36. My Habit is that when she takes a shower I sneak in and then reprimand her sharply for getting wet, chatter chatter chatter. Then if she doesn't get out I start "boxing" her through the shower curtain and reprimand her more. I keeps doing dis until she gets out or I fall off the side and into the tub with her. Then I give her my most pitiful look so she will get out and dry me off :) Works every time!

  37. My bunny-dog Smoothie (Rat Terrier) loves baby carrots. If he hears the crisper drawer open he comes running to investigate. He will spontaneously twirl and dance just to get a bite of juicy carrot goodness!

  38. I'm sorry that I'm a late entry, but I posted my habits on my blog. You can find them here. If you do not have time to check out the post, I have two entries: one for the canines and one for the felines.

    My brother, Ares, enjoys finding my human pet's underwear and gnawing on them in many areas of our house. He is not above throwing them on top of his head or caring whether they be clean or not. He just has a fascination for underwear, and we're all hoping he loses it soon.

    I, on the other hand, enjoy watching tampons expand in my water bowl. I learned this wonderful trait from my sister, Isis. You see, all you need to do is go into the bathroom cabinet underneath the sink, steal one from the blue box, and then discard the wrapper and cardboard. It's easy enough. Place the cotton into the water bowl, and ouila! It expands! If you haven't tried it, I highly suggest you do. Absolutely fascinating, I tell you.

  39. Our kitty Lum Lum weaned too early and sucks her own nipple when she's sleeping. It's pretty silly, she purrs the whole time.