Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April FURPOWER Recipient - Kitten Rescue!

WOW. I'm blown away by the number of submissions we received. You guys sure are a passionate bunch.

I'm excited to announce this month's FURPOWER recipient is Kitten Rescue of Los Angeles!

First of all, I just learned that Kitten Rescue has recently started helping dogs too so all you woofers out there, don't you worry! Your brothers and sisters are included too.

Kitten Rescue is devoted to rescuing cats and kittens from the streets and shelter euthanasia. Approximately eighty percent of our cats are rescued from the Los Angeles City shelters at the "11th hour" right before they are scheduled to be euthanized.

Kitten Rescue also works with the surrounding communities to rescue strays and abandoned cats, and facilitates Trap/Spay-Neuter/Release (TNR) assistance throughout these communities. Kitten Rescue is equally dedicated to educating the public about responsible pet ownership, care of kittens and cats, managing feral cats and most importantly, the importance of spaying and neutering. Kitten Rescue makes this educational material available via events, print, school presentations and their Web site.

Congratulations. We're looking forward to another amazing month of raising money for animals in need. Also, lots of fun parties, contests and giveaways are planned, so stay tuned. In fact, be sure to sign up to follow us so you don't miss a thing! (scroll down the right hand side to the "Romeo's Followers" section and click "follow.")


Romeo and Pugsley

P.S. I couldn't resist posting this adorable photo from KR's Web site.


  1. Awwwwww that's great Romeo! That's a very good cause.

  2. Thank you so much Romeo!!

    Kitten Rescue

  3. Wonderful choice - and very cute photo!

  4. I love this choice! Looking forward to getting together with everyone to help them out big time!

  5. Great Choice! I hope I can help out again!

  6. It sounds like a great place! The picture is adorable