Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We're Two Wild and Crazy Cats!

The nice people at Cardinal Laboratories sent Pugs and me the most AH-mazing toy called the Crazy Cat Cat Quest. OMG is it fun!

This uh, crazy toy is a whirring, buzzing, zipping dragonfly bug thing attached to the end of a string attached to a wand. Pugsley and I thought it was a real bug but the female staff manager said that it was battery operated and she was making its wings flap and go buzz by pushing a button on the handle of the wand. Really?!

Like I said, PUGS thought it was a real bug. I knew it wasn’t.

Real bug or not, we had lots and lots of fun jumping around, running through the house and playing with it. The staff couldn't stop laughing. I think they were laughing with us, not at us though.

One of the best things about the Crazy Cat Cat Quest to me personally is that it's not a real bug! Real bugs kinda scare me a little bit sometimes.

Shh, don't tell.

If you want your own Cat Quest, you can get one at the Crazy Cat Web site. But tell your staff to beware: it's addicting!

Pugs and I check this
thing out.

Look! Pug caught him!
Go Pug!


  1. Wow,looks like a fun toy for sure. Have fun with it you two.

  2. That looks like a great toy. Does it make noise? I don't always like toys that make noise. Mom says I'm a little sissy. Well, I am a girl.

  3. I know, right?!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it myself.


  4. That looks like a lot more fun than a real bug, to tell you the truth!

  5. you all iz floofy cute!! have fun wif ur buggy

  6. We gotta get one! It's totally pawsome!

  7. Oh we gotta have one of those! We love bugs...real or fake!

  8. Looks like a good toys to put a bitey on!


  9. Hi
    I want also play with those toys....
    It looks great here and very match FUN :)
    pursss Kareltje =^.^=